Weeping Beech Golf Club
Membership Application Form

Mission Statement:

Weeping Beech Golf Club exists for members who love Jesus Christ and enjoy the game of golf. We desire to encourage one another’s growing faith as well as an appreciation of this ancient and historic game.

By-Laws Regarding New Members:

  1. Will agree with and affirm the WBGC Mission Statement.
  2. Must be sponsored and co-sponsored by existing members. Sponsors need to submit the name to the Vice President, Membership, along with an Annual Dues check, for the Board’s approval.
  3. Must possess (or obtain) a USGA Handicap Index as generated through USGA.
  4. If the applicant does not have a handicap index (HI), he must submit five signed scorecards from the previous six-month period along with his application and an HI will be generated for him by WBGC.
  5. If the applicant has a current handicap provided by another club, he must provide his Handicap Index (HI)  number on the application and, at the member’s election, may either continue to maintain his HI through his current club or request WBGC Club Secretary to transfer it to WBGC.
  6. Members must inform the Club Secretary of any changes to their account.
  7. May participate in a Weeping Beech Golf Club event prior to approval by the board as long as his dues are paid and he has or is actively pursuing an HI. When the above requirements and Board approvals are met, he will attain full membership status.
  8. Agree to abide by USGA Rules of Play and Etiquette.
  9. Agree to submit to the Club Secretary, or post on-line. Complete score information for all rounds

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